That Is Cool provides Web Users’ with intelligent and dynamic links that direct our prospective Web Users’ to Third Party storefronts for them to buy products and services which interest them more easily. These links regularly use affiliate programs provided by the Ecommerce store or brand.

When a Web User clicks on a link on our Website and buys a product or service on a Third Party Website; We, That Is Cool may receive compensation in the form of commission. Please be assured that by clicking the link on our Site which leads to a Third Party Site does not cost the Web User anything, the price displayed in the Third Party Site is the price to pay for that product or service. The commission is paid from the Third Parties’ profit margin, often as a marketing expense. In full transparency, and in compliance with FTC guidelines, That Is Cool is informing You:

Third Party Disclosure

Ads and Sponsored Content

In our Website,  we may have affiliate links in our shop, blog and other related content. That Is Cool may receive a commission from the sale of the product or service you purchase. Our commissions may be made from a product review, suggestion or any other content on this Site. In some cases, it is possible that we received a product for free from a Third Party which may affect the objectivity of the reviewer. We aim to transparent and aim for a non intentional bias in stating the facts about the products or services. Please consider whether you need the product before purchasing it.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are made of an URL with tracking identity tags. Tracking ID’s are built within the links to monitor all purchases made from this Site.

Amazon UK:

That Is Cool often participates in international affiliate programs, Amazon has available (a.k.a. Amazon Associates Programs) is one of such affiliate Site. An affiliate advertising program is designed to provide a way for Sites like Ours and any other Content Creators to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon stores. Our tracking IDs are regularly provided to Amazon Associates account managers.

Groupon UK:

Groupon is also another ad based affiliate program that we may promote. We earn commissions through product and service sales and our tracking ID’s.

Product Reviews

Research has been done by using meta-analysis tool rather than author opinion. We do our evaluations on a cost/performance basis. This means our “Editors Choice” is the best product at its price point. So it may not the best product you can buy at any price. As technology evolves, our selections may be outdated.