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Looking for something to do in the school holidays? Take your kids to LegoLand. There are fun learning centres and water park in the hot days of summer. Located in the county of Berkshire, this awesome theme parks is popular for young children.

LegoLand Holiday Resort

Fancy taking a well earned rest, why not take your kids on a staycation of a lifetime? Let your kids imagination run free as they “playing knights or wizards” at LegoLand holiday resort.

Lego enthusiasts have built models of wizards, knights and creatures out of Lego pieces. Meet the Lego characters and play with the interactive games in the hotel. Take the plunge and buy an unforgettable holiday, and you’re guaranteed to have a lot of fun.

Your Stay At LegoLand

Why should you stay at LegoLand? Lego Land is one of the coolest resorts in the UK, the themed hotel breaks the mould to other hotels and specifically designed for children. Stay at Legoland and  you will receive these benefits and more…

  • tickets for the themepark
  • priority ride passes
  • free wifi
  • Exclusive lanyards
  • Inroom games
  • breakfast
  • free car parking
  • Visit the LegoLand website for further offers.

Explore LegoLand Castle Hotel in Windsor. This magical and enchanted themed hotel has something to suit everyone of all ages.

Theme Park Opening Times

Lego land is open from March to November. Please check the website to plan your trip as they have some weekday closures. Closed days are expected between Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Admission Prices: Gate prices vary on and offline.

There is a lot of water based fun so make sure you pack your beachwear and accessories! If the weather is too hot.. no problem, cool down in either:

  • The splash safari
  • Drench towers
  • River splash

Other rides in Legoland also include a drive centre, a couple of train rides, pirate ships and games zones.

The theme park is split into 11 themed areas which covers 150 acres in Windsor, Berkshire. This includes a railway system that starts at the entrance of Legoland and then the train travels 300 metres between the themes. 55 rides and live shows. There are workshops for young minds to come and explore.

Theme Park Reviews

Reviews On Trip Advisor
Theme Park has a 4 Star Review On Trip Advisor

We had a great time at LegoLand. The kids were kept busy and the staff were nice. There's a selection of food in the restaurant.

Adrian Knight

LegoLand Theme Park

Adventureland” is Legoland’s main theme park situated around a lake at the bottom of the park. This is attraction is not as big as places like Alton Towers and the rides certainly cater towards “little people” and like many other theme parks, you might have to spend a few hours queuing for some rides.

Miniland” is a fun part of the park, showcasing models of cities from across the world. This was constructed using nearly 40 million Lego bricks in models often at 1:20 scale. Miniland also has some animated models which interact with each other. Some of these include model cars, trains and boats. One of the many wonders of LegoLand is how they recreate cities around the world including their iconic landmarks. Their attention to detail is remarkable and makes the recreated cities all the more interesting.

Discovery Centre

No longer do you tread on lego bits!, addressing the need for after school clubs and things for young children to do at weekends, LegoLand have extended their premises to Birmingham and Manchester for some indoor fun.

The reason why we believe Legoland is a cool place is that children learn through play. Legoland is a fun, social place for young children to play and it’s a safe place for families to enjoy their holday (should you stay in the LegoLand resort) Their interactive workshops are second to none and soon they will be opening a 4d cinema.

About The Lego Brand

Lego has been around for years, the company was founded by a Danish man Ole Kirk Christiansen. The word “lego” has two meanings one being “play well” in Danish and “I put together” in Latin.

The Lego brand has expanded to different themes like Lego Duplo, Lego Disney Princess, and Lego Classic to name but a few.

Take Your Children To LegoLand UK
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