Go Skiing On The Best Ski Slopes

Go Skiing At These Top Ski Destinations

France – Courchevel: Courchevel is the largest and most famous interlinked ski resorts which lies West of the Three Valleys. The ski resort is 30 mins drive from Moutiers Train Station, South East France. Most suited for intermediate and expert skiers because of it’s off piste terrain but the resort is also welcoming for beginners who want to take an easy route.

USA – Breckenbridge: Fly into Denver airport and catch the shuttle to Breckenbridge, West of Denver. Breckenbridge has approximately 300 inches of annual snowfall each year and the average hovers around 6 degrees celcius. The resort is suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers. It has 5 distinct peaks with terrain ranging from mellow rolling greens to majestic high alpine chutes and bowls.

Japan – Niseko: Niseko Ski Resort is officially Japan’s best ski resort, located in Hokkaido, 2.5hrs drive from Chitose Airport. Between December-April, Niseko is renowned for its consistency and quality of powder snow throughout the winter. Averaging around 14m+ of snow each season. Niseko is an area known for it’s famous wide open powder bowls and tree runs.

Canada – Whistler: Whistler lies North of Vancouver. It can take about 2.5 hrs drive from YVR to Whistler. The best month to go skiing in Whistler is in February. Whistler is a skierֹs dream destination as the mountain are huge! There are 16 alpine bowls, 3 glaciers, world-class terrain parks and 200+ marked trails and plenty of activities to do after skiiing.

Switzerland – Gstaad: Gstaad Ski Resort is one of Switzerlands best ski resorts, located in the Canton of Bern in South West of Switzerland. Gstaad is 3 hours train ride from Geneva Airport. The best time to ski here is around February although the area offers a selection of winter sports from the end of October to the beginning of May. Gstaad is renowned for its support for disabled people, with the adapté label for certain levels of skiing.

Italy – Val Gardena (Gröden): Val Gardena Ski Resort lies South Tyrol, northern Italy. It takes about 1 hr 53 minutes  drive from Treviso Airport (TSF) to Val Gardena which is the best direct route. The best month to go skiing in Val Gardena is between December – February. It has a network of 12 ski areas in the Dolomites (UNESCO world heritage site) which you can access using just one ski pass and it’s well known to ski racing fans.

The Best Time To Go Skiing

The best snow to ski on has a ski temperature of around minus 7 degrees centigrade to minus 1 degrees centigrade. The optimal temperature ensures the snow is cold enough that it will not melt or turn into slush. It is also warm enough that you will not freeze on top of the mountain. It helps if he weather condition is lightly snowing which adds extra layers of continual soft powder snow which enables you to ski downhill with ease.

Ski Slope Etiquette

Confident intermediate skiers may wish to go on a skiing holiday. Before you go, we suggest to ask a ski coach about different snow compact variables, this knowledge will help you perform better and safely!

Also, there are some unwritten rules on the slopes that new skiers should be aware of. Here are some points to remember whilst skiing on piste:

  1. Make sure you are highly visible to other skiers.

  2. Learn how to get on, ride and unload  a ski lift safely (and move away from the ski lift area)

  3. Always control your speed and be able to stop in time in order to avoid other skiers or objects.

  4. If you can see skiers with their back to you, it is up to you to avoid them and prepare for potential crashes. They can’t see you coming if they have their back to you. It is easier for you to predict what they are doing.

  5. Do not obstruct a trail and abide signs and warnings

  6. If you fall and your equipment tumbles, stay calm. Look out for other skiers and then collect your equipment.

  7. Wear functional clothing that doesn’t limit movement and carry less objects.

  8. Before venturing or merging into a trail, please look around first and give way to skiers that are likely to pass you at speed.

  9. Always use pole wrist hoops, they are there for a reason.

Disabled Skiing Holidays

Don’t let your disability stop you from doing the things you’ve dream’t about. Thanks to the Olympics, opportunities for disabled people has grown year on year. More businesses have opened their doors to help people no matter what ability or disablity you have.

There has been large improvements over the last ten years in regards to ski equipment to ski resorts. Although it can still be a challenge to fin the right hotel and ski resort that have made the required adaptions or equipment for use. There is always a worry when it comes down to deciding where to leave a wheelchair.

Good News :: The are specialist companies that can help you to navigate your way to booking a ski holiday, from discussing your requirements before you go and providing you with the necessary tools to organise a holiday of a lifetime.

Six Best Places To Go Skiing