The Eden Project

The Eden Project is an educational establishment which emphasises the interdependence of plants and people and the value of sustainable living. Set up as a social enterprise and visitor attraction centre, the Eden Project educates visitors on the conservation and protection of plants and wildlife. If you are wanting to do more for your planet, it’s worth sponsoring or visiting places such as the Eden Project.

About The Eden Project

The Eden Project is an unforgettable day out for the whole family. This awesome inspiring centre has two of the largest conservatories in the world. The Eden Project is a gateway into a fascinating global secret garden full of wonder  and delight.

Set in the heart of Cornwall, the Eden project is one of UK’s top gardens and environmental tourist attractions. Infact, the project is a reciprient of the British Travel Awards, they were awarded for the best UK Leisure Attraction over 5 consecutive years since 2011.

Work At The Eden Project

At the Eden Project, giant conservatories have been constructed to grow plants indoors from different climatic regions of the world. The project is located in a 60-metre crater which is the size of nearly 30 football pitches side by side. The project has a visitors learning centre, cafe and rest rooms.

Biomes are a specific geographic area notable for the plants and animals that live in it. The temperature, soil, amount of light and water help determine what life exists in a biome.

The Rainforest Biome

The rainforest Biome is heated to at least 25C all year round. It can reach temperature highs of 40C with 90% humidity. The rainforest biome exhibits many different plants and fruits that wouldn’t  ordinarily grow in the UK. Plants and trees such as bananas, papayas and cocoa. There is a lovely canopy walkway where you can see the majority of the Biome from above the trees and a man made structured waterfall is featured.

The Mediterranean Biome

As you make your way through the Mediterranean Biome, you pass many exotic trees species. Trees in the exhibition include lemon and olives trees, vines and perfumed herbs. It’s a full on colorful sensory objects as you make your way through the warm temperate regions of the world which includes the European, African and American continents.


Working with the Sensory Trust and their own group of volunteers, the Eden Project is a wheelchair friendly centre. They have created an accessible place for disabled people to roam about in their manual and electric chairs. The centre has been designed well to feast your senses and no overwhelming environments.

Opening Hours

We suggest visiting the Eden project during the Spring or Summer season. The open times of the centre is from 10:30am – 4pm. Just be aware on school holidays the centre can get fairly busy.

The centre offers annual passes but should you want to visit just one time, the price (as of Jan 2020) is around £28.50 per adult and £15 per child. The price may stick up the hairs on your back but it is for a good cause.

Go See The Coolest Biospheres At The Eden Project
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