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Technology has come along way since the industrial revolution and now we have moved into the age of IT. We see future trends in computer programming, science and maths. We believe STEM sciences is the way your child can get ahead and pave a career for themselves. Entrepreneurs today have made it easier for people to learn STEM. Either through online courses or manufacturing science kits.

Here are our top picks of the coolest things for kids to do. This will enable them to get ahead of the rest and know how electrical object function and be creative in design, and be a star in their own right. Our list opens up minds, there are tools which allow children to teach themselves how to do things or learn from others.

Cool Things For Kids To Do Today

Program And Coding

Creative Artists - Help With Dexterity

Learn To Become A Skillful Driver

Learn A Language

Robot Building Kits

Are your children inquisitive about robots or want to learn computer programming? If you think your child is spending too much time playing fight games, here’s a chance for you to open up their imagination and be creative. This is a  cool building game to inspire your kids to be productive with their time and see the success of their dedication when they see the end product.

Engineering kits are designed by people specialised in the field and they have created this science kit which is focused on attention, imagination and creativity to help children build awesome robots.

Robot Programming

Robots are traditionally used in high tensity risky environments, they have performed jobs that is quite dangerous to human safety. Now that the technological age has moved considerabley fast, humans have programmed robots and now robots are teaching other robots through artificial intellegence (AI). Robot programming languages include

  • C++
  • Python
  • Java
  • C#/. Net
  • MatLab

:: The language between robots is called ROILA

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Engineering Learning Centres

This robotic learning centre in the UK is the first of it’s kind to open the doors for extra curricular learning for children who play an interest and want to learn how to build and program robots. Although courses can be fairly expensive, they are designed to start robot programming at the centre in order for your child to carry on with their studies at home. This tech camp has a number of programming based activities such as:

  • 3D game design
  • Drone racing
  • 3D printing
  • Robotwars

Courses are usually 5 days long and you can easily book a place for your child through their app.

Other Languages To Learn

In a globalised connected world, there is a need to know other languages to do business. Luckily learning a new language doesn’t have to be so hard. There are a few ways in which learning a new language can be made easy for you.

Voice Translators

If you can not speak a foreign language there are a couple of aids that can help you. You can either download an app onto your phone or purchase some hardware. The best thing to do before you consider downloading an App is to check out the ratings to see how accurate the language is and if it works well on your phone.

The Budding Artist

Paint By Number Kits

Paint by number kits is a craft concept that has been round for years. As a child you may be given a number colouring book to keep yourself occupied as an after school or weekend hobby. Paint by numbers is the next step up for adults.

If you can not afford art lessons but wish to learn to paint, this is a good option to begin with. There are many designs to choose from so it won’t over whelm the noobie. There are simple animal shapes to more complex street life scenes as you grow in confidence. Painting by numbers really helps people to relieve stress and release creativity. Picture kits contain everything you need to complete the project: a pre-printed board, paints, and paintbrush.

These delicately stenciled kits have been designed so art beginners have the confidence to paint objects and scenery without the need of an art tutor. These paint kits have been produced to make painting easy and enjoyable. All you have to do is follow the number system matching the right paint (which has been numbered for you) to the matching number on the paper. After the paint has dried, they can be framed and hung on your wall.

The Engraver Pen

Engraver pens are multi functional tools that are used for intricate detailing and a myriad of tasks. With these high-performance rotary pens you can engrave, carve, fine cut, clean, polish, grind, sand and sharpen almost any material.

The Dremel pen is the most popular brand of engraver but there are others to choose from that are of better quality. Rotary pens such as the Tacklife RTD36AC has a selection of speeds that can be adjusted between 10,000 and 40,000 rpm and a power of 200 Watts which makes the pen versatile. The Tacklife engraver pen is also compatible with Dremel products so if the Dremel isn’t for you, keep the accessories as they will be useful.

The best way to use engraver pens for new users is to practise engraving words and pictures on bits of useless wood, glass, metal and leather first. Get used to the pens vibrations and movements. Tacklife company has put effort into developing a pen that has a soft grip to reduce the pens vibration to prevent hand fatigue so you have full control. The pen also has a flexible shaft which makes engraving a lot easier.

Children will have to be supervised as it is a powerful tool to use.

You may be wondering why we think engraver pens are cool? Not only is the tool multi functional  Using an engraver pen helps the user to improve hand steadiness and dexterity. This is cool for those people who want to learn fine arts and any career that involves concentration.

By mastering these skills, it is possible to become a wood carver, trophy engraver, make custom art, let alone any other delicate hand jobs performed in specialist careers such as welding and engineering. Also, by developing fine motor skills you can make a second income from it.

Driving and Mechanics

Multi Activity Centre – Drive Off Road

Want a week off and be child free? How about taking your child on an adventure summer hoiday? Summer holiday adventure camps provide a multitude of activities for your kids to do and vary in age range and activity based interests. Adventure camps such as PGL are all inclusive resorts, have a history that spans 60 years thus being the number one centre for children today. Activities at the summer camps include:

  • Action and adventure – motorsports, abseiling and kayaking
  • Learning centres- cooking, surfing and driving
  • Creation – film making, video games and dance workshops

Watch out for their special offers on their website.

When teens leave school, one thing that would be on their mind is to take driving lessons. Driving a car allows people to become independant and responsible; especially when it comes to paying off bills and looking after a vehicle.

At PGL summer camp, driving instructors will take on 3 children in a car, drive around a dedicated off road fields where the young drivers can learn how to operate a car in a safe environment. They practise simple manuovres that will help them get an insight to what it’s like driving a car on the road. The experience will give them muscle memory and a quicker route to pass their test.


Whether your child is a competitive or just likes a lot of fun, here is a cool activity for children to do. One of the top coolest sports in the world is F1 racing. Lewis Hamilton is simply the best all time British driver. lewis learnt karting from a very young age. He learned how to become responsible and treasure his karts. His dedication has put him in a strong position in F1. By understanding car positioning and gear controls, he has mastered racing to be the sixth time world champion F1 racer and most respected competitor. You child can join a kart club and become the next best racer. Both sexes are welcome and encouraged to try karting.

Seriously Cool Things For Kids To Do (Aged 9-17)
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