LED Dog Collars

When you take your dog to the park do you have difficulty seeing where they are in the dark? Perhaps if you cannot see them you may have to call out their name, entice them with food, use dog whistles etc., to call them back? How about a novel way to ensure that you can spot them easily when they have disappeared?

Find Your Dog In The Dark

Light up dog collars can offer more security and safety for your dogs and pets whils it’s out alone at night. Should your dog run off into roads or dark alleyways where other vehicle users are likely to be, your dog is likely to be seen with these innovative collars. These dog collars are highly visible to other walkers, joggers, cyclists, and motorists. Dog collars are adjustable, easy to fit and comfortable for all sizes of dog breed.

How LED Dog Collars Work

Switch on the dog collar before you go out at night. They have two settings, a constant LED light glow and a setting for repetitive flash. There are a number of brightly coloured LED collar lights to choose from which enables you to spot your dog from a distance away. Please be considerate: It’s important to keep a dog on the lead or harness until the dog can run around freely in a park area. It might be worth considering to put the light on constant as flashing LED’s may trigger seizures or confusion.

Dog Collar Safety Features

Some LED collars are rechargeable using a USB cable to connect to a charge point and a lithium-ION battery for energy storage. A typical product package may contain:

1x LED Dog Safety Collar
1x USB Charging Cable
1x Rechargeable Lithium-ION Battery

LED Dog Collar Info

HIGH VISIBILITY – Modern LED collars are vibrant which enables you to find your dog in the dark.
WATERPROOF – These dog collars can be worn in all kinds of weather conditions
MATERIAL – The device is usually made from 100% Nylon webbing. There are waterproof and should have rust-proof components. Dog collars are lightweightweight, durable in design and built to last.
PERFORMANCE – The USB Rechargeable Lithium-ION battery is long lasting. A charging cable is included . You can insert the cable into any USB port and when fully charged, it lasts many hours. The LED collar has a silicone protected charging port to prevent damage.
EASY TO USE – Single click selection of 3 different settings. LED collars are fully adjustable to fit almost any dog neck size and has a quick release buckle.
COLOUR – There are a selection of colours currently on the market.

How To Operate An LED Dog Collar

To use the light up dog collars you have to put them on the dog and then do the following operation:

  • First, switch it on by clicking the button. The light will be constant.

  • Click will make the LED’s flash fast

  • Press again will be slower.

  • The next click will switch the device off

Find Your Dog With This LED Dog Collar
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