Hot air balloon gift experience

Live life to the full with these flying gift experiences in the UK.  Whether you want to do something cool, tick of a bucket list or sit back and relax on a sightseeing tour, there is something for everyone with this range of bucket list day out experiences.

Experience what it’s like with the wind in your face, or gentle soar into the horizon with these magical day out flying adventures.

Give Someone: Something Amazing, Something Special, Something To Remember

We have sniffed out the best  flying adventures. These flying experiences are suitable for anyone who likes to fly, especially thrill seekers and those with a head for heights! See what it is like to pilot an aircraft by getting some hands-on experience under the eye of an experienced pilot.

Many people choose to buy these gift experiences as they see it as another challenge to face in life. Skydiving and gliding being the most popular for those who wish to raise money for charity.

Different Flying Experiences Available

Hot Air Balloon

You may not be born with wings but you can discover what it is like to drift below the clouds. This gift experience is definately suited to romantic couples or for those who wish to propose to their loved one.

Learn To Fly

Come sit in the cockpit and take the controls of a light aircraft with one of our incredible flying lessons. Suited to young adults to develop flying skillsto make a career choice.

Indoor Flying

Do you want to experience what it is like to skydive without jumping from an airplane? There's no parachutes required to do this! A good choice for people who lack condfidence in a full sky dive.

Helicopter Ride

You'll see the serene views of the nature and the city. Getaway from your super busy life! Just chill, relax and enjoy the views! Popular for photographers and city lovers.

Sky Dive

When you skydive / parachute jump, the aircraft pilot will tend to fly between 12,000 and 15,000 ft depending on weather conditions. As a beginner, static line jumps will deploy canopes approximately 5,000ft to ensure a soft landing. The best thrill seeker option.


There are a variety of way to glide in the sky. Do you want to hang gliding, para gliding or try flying in a sail plane?. Have an unforgettable experience for the lifetime with your loved ones.

Flying Gift Experiences For Two People

Escape the daily grind of life for one day and do something different. There are many ways of using a gift experience depending on what you want out of it. You can:

  • Go at it alone, have the help of a tutor
  • If you have experienced enough to tandem with someone else or
  • Buy gift experiences for two people.

Share treasured memories together with a partner or friend by doing exciting things together which creates special memories for life.

Ready To Do Something Amazing? Share An Adventure Of A Lifetime

What To Expect On Your Day Out Adventure

Are you ready for an amazing view over parts of the UK? Purchase a voucher from us to experience many ways of seeing the UK. Redeem your voucher at any participating flying venture centres.

There are a number of options you can do in any of these flying adventures. You can opt to purchase pleasure flights, flying lessons and/or charters, all of which are available through us.

  • Hot Air Balloon
  • Helicopter/Aeroplane Pilot
  • Indoor or outdoor skydiving
  • Drone piloting

Furthermore, there is a wide variety of innovative and exciting days out that you can choose from. As well as the life experiences you can try (mentioned above) there are other unusual and cool activities you can try such as ziplining in Wales, scuba diving, skiing and Dig Ventures.

Skydiving Experience

Indoor Flying Sky Dive

Have a fun day out in Milton Keynes or Manchester with iFly, the coolest indoor skydive activity centre. iFly experience is a fun way to feel what it is like to skydive in any season. This is suitable for people who have a nervous disposition but is willing to give flying a try. Instructors will come with you into a skydiving simulation cage and they stand next to you as your body levitates and they help stabilise your body as you float in the air. It’s a cool activity to do in a safe and fun environment.

Dare To Sky Dive?

One way to prove that you can do anything if you put your mind to it is to go outdoors and jump out of a plane! Build up your confidence by skydiving with a tutor. Once your confidence is mastered and you enjoy this experience, you can then partake in an accelerated freefall course!


Paragliding is another sport often done in tandem with an experienced person. Two people can easily fly at the same time under one tandem-sized wing canope.


Gliding is a perfect way to start a professional flying career. It’s also a cool hobby to do in your spare time. There are many gliding activities to choose from. Prior to launch, gliders can either be lauched (on land), take off from a cliff or hill top, be hooked to a tug aircraft or (on at sea), being attached to a winch to propel you into the sky.

Hang gliding/Para gliding

Hang gliding is a cool sport to do in a gentle wind. run into the diretion opposite/of the wind an launch yourself into the air.

Hang gliders typically weigh more than 50 pounds, can be carried balanced on your shoulder, and require a roof rack to transport on a vehicle. They are made of aircraft aluminum or carbon fiber, stainless steel cable and a sailcloth.

Paragliders are unique among soaring aircraft in being easily portable. The complete equipment packs into a rucksack and can be carried easily on the pilot’s back. Para gliders are operated by a wheel launch or foot-launcher. The lightweight free-flying power glider that has no rigid primary structure.

Gliding In A Sail Plane

After a safety briefing, prepare for the best experience of gliding in a sail plane. With the help of a tug to be lauched skywards in an unpowered aerodynamic aircraft. The Sail plane uses naturally occurring air currents to gain altitude and will fall gently using the controls of the craft. You’ll be guided so you won’t rise too high into the atmosphere when the air begins to thin.

Your Next Steps To Flying An Aircraft

Motor Gliding

Fixed wing gliders designed are designed for long range flight under the power of a front end motor. This lightweight aircraft, is a nifty bit aircraft to take flying lessons.


Soar into the sky in a microlight, climb to 1,500ft and take control of the vehicles dual controls. If the weather conditions are right, choose from flying in a flex-wing, when you are open to the elements, or in a fixed-wing, which has a closed cockpit.

Flight School

Purchase trial flights or full experience flights, you’ll find it’s an excellent way to disccover new interest or skills. You can decide if you want to become a fully qualified pilot if your heart desires. Mastering flying techniques is a good way to kick off a career in commercial, air force or passenger flights.

Qualified Tutors

Whichever flying gift experience you buy, there’s a professional team that possess a passion and qualication for aero adventures. These tutors have numerous recognition, awards and acknowledgments.

Support And Guidance

Help us keep your safety as our number 1 priority. Before purchasing a gift of a lifetime, please be have a quick read on our Instructors advice. They value your life and want to keep you as safe as possible but there are some factors to consider.

Medical Issues

We advise that you do not fly if

  • You are likely to be pregnant
  • Have an exisiting heart condition
  • Have lung conditions that may limit your breating capacity

Environmental Factors

Flying can be dependant on

  • Weather conditions
  • Vehicle safety
  • Virus outbreaks


Technology drives aero sports forward and the best technologies helps us to keep you and our crews safety a perogative. Whilst you are in the sky, there will always be a constant connection between the craft and instructors to technical support on the ground. This keeping you safe through our upper edge on the technological advances.

Each experience centre performs daily pre flight safety checks as well as checks after the flight and won’t use any “objects” that may deem a risk to public health or in bad condition. Every flying gift experience has to comply to laws for airworthiness standards, providing the infrastructure within which flight experiences thrive.

Six Awesome Flying Gift Experiences UK To Make Someones Day
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